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從 希 望 家 中 貓 貓 吃 得 健 康 開 始 We make simple but healthy food for our furry family members 2018年6月,兩隻小小的街貓兄妹來到我們的家成為家人。餵食了二百四十多天後,我們開始思索如何讓他們吃得天然健康。「毛肉毛求」是我們送給家中貓貓一份最誠懇的禮物,希望他們快樂幸福——吃得好,拉得好。 The key for happiness is simply to stay healthy. Mo Meat Mo Ball is a local brand providing freshly-made, natural and grain-free food for cats and dogs. Meeting basic nutritional needs, our favourite recipes offer a diverse range of high quality ingredients with absolutely no preservatives added. Make our furry four-feet friends wag their tails for food. Enjoy and bon appétit!